Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hard World - Sale this Weekend

"Hard World" was started by myself and fellow Ex-Wise Head, Geoff Leigh, in order to re-release the first Ex-Wise Heads album "No Grey Matter" in 2002, it's been an on and off thing since then, but as time and budgets allow, we have put out most of the Ex-Wise Heads material, two albums by Mirage (Geoff Leigh and Cathy Williams), my two solo albums, guitarist Rajan Spolia's "More than Words", the Endless Tapes material and most recently the O.R.k. album "Inflamed Rides".

The story isn't over yet, and I am glad to say there are a few more things in the pipeline too…..

In the meantime, this weekend sees a "flash sale" with discounts across all the following Hard World releases at burning shed, please click on the titles below for more information:

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Divorce Holes (ft David Kollar)

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Interesting Failures….

For every photo I am happy with, on any given developed reel, there's usually a whole load of failures, mistakes, experiments that come to nothing and weird results, as unpredictability and the unexpected is built into the use of Lomo cameras. 
There's probably a philosophical parallel with many other areas of life, so please enjoy this small selection of the many duds, whilst perhaps speculating on the randomness of it all…..
In truth, some of these I quite like.

Double exposure, baby and plant.

Totally out of focus blur of something, nice colours though.

Spherical Something


Child's eyes with progressive light leak.

Split Psychotic Selfie Face

A Glowing Foetus?

Not everyone wants to be photographed.

Studio Light Leak

Path of U.F.O.

Multiple U.F.O's somewhere European.

Octo Light Leak

Surreal Staircase.

For some of the more successful results please see my flickr page here:

Monday, 9 May 2016

O.R.k. Live shots from 'Inflamed Rides' Tour…and upcoming live dates in South America.

Below a selection of live shots from this years "Inflamed Rides" Euro dates, thanks to all the photographers concerned:

Carmello Piptone

Bass Drum Art.
Carmello Pipitone

Bastia Umbra

Pat Mastelotto

Lef in full flow.

Slap Bass…?

I had a great time developing and exploring the material live over the course of the tour, and we had a very positive response across the tour, so I am happy to say that we'll be taking the band live for the first time outside Europe next month with a few dates in South America…the ride continues….

Please click the links below for tickets and more information:

- 15/6 - Mexico City - Lunario - Tickets

- 19/6 - Buenos Aires - Niceto Club - Tickets

- 20/6 - Santiago de Chile - Teatro Nescafe de las Artes - Tickets

Lastly for a small flavour of the concerts, here's a live version of "Funfair" from Germany earlier this year:



Monday, 18 April 2016

Everything Dissolves

Over the next few months, I'll be periodically uploading old tracks, solo experiments and alternate versions of material already released here:

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


A revisitation of "Plural"...

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Metallic Taste of Blood live in Austria

I'll be joining Ted Parsons and Eraldo Bernocchi next week for a live "power trio" version of Metallic Taste of Blood at Q-West in Kufstein, Austria, click here for FB event page.

We'll be playing material from both Metallic Taste of Blood albums, but where necessary re-worked and reinterpreted as a trio…..expect the unexpected.

Solo Work

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